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BJ The Clown's Birthday Party Planning Tips :

Let your guests know they're in for a wonderful party with a homemade personalised invitation!

Where possible it's best to have the entertainment closer to the start of the party. It settles the children down, brings them together as a group and gets the birthday party off to a great start.

Tie a bouquet of balloons around your mailbox or front of your house so your guests can spot the birthday party easily.

You might want to consider having a large cardboard box handy to put presents in. The birthday child could decorate with bright colorful wrapping paper. This adds a nice festive touch to the party and also shows off your child's creative skills!

Birthday Hat

Have a clear space for the kids to sit on the floor to watch the show. BJ The Clown will work with whatever you've got available, but of course the more room the better.

There should always be adult supervision during the show, but adult conversation is best held in another room, it's distracting to the children enjoying the show.

Distractions are best kept to a minimum - do not hand out food or drinks during the show and save party favours, noisemakers etc for after BJ's s performance. The children will be able to concentrate and enjoy the show more.

Fun Party Games :

Who Am I?" Game

Before the party write names of well-known movie or cartoon characters on index cards. Don't let the children see them in advance. To play the game, attach a card to each child's back. The children let each other see which name is on their back, and then has to ask the other players questions until they figure out their character.

For younger children keep it simple and use pictures of simple objects instead of words.

Balloon Stomp

Tuck a prize slip inside a balloon and then inflate. You can write the name of the prize on the slip or just a number corresponding to a prize. The children chooses a balloon and "stomps" it to pop it and see what their prize will be.

Carnival Games

A wonderful idea is to have a carnival or circus theme! BJ The Clown fits in really well with this theme and you can decorate the room with streamers and play games like ring-toss, tin-can knockdown with a ball, relay races etc.

BJ The Clown has 25 years experience and performs at children's birthday parties, festivals, gala days, schools, kindergartens, pre-schools and corporate events in Auckland, New Zealand. BJ is a highly-experienced professional children's entertainer

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