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BJ's funny clown antics and comedy will bring laughter and smiles to your event! He never does anything rude or embarrasses his audiences by getting them to do silly things - his goal is laughter and audience enjoyment!
BJ has recieved hands-on training at international level at balloon sculpture. More than just poodles and sausage dogs, he makes guitars, motorbikes and all sorts of other enchanting balloon creations!
The experience of a seasoned professional! Clowning isn't just his hobby or something that he does in the weekends for fun, it's his occupation.
Proven Track Record - BJ has been a prominent Auckland Clown and children's entertainer for more than twenty-five years!
Industry Recognition - BJ is a proud member of the Shore City Magicians Club, The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the New Zealand Variety Artists Club.

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Remember : Children Laugh Louder with BJ The Clown!

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